Names and culture

I talked at Design System Meetup v4.0.0 about names and culture. I talked about how communication is hard and what we name things affects how well we communicate.

Simple interactions like getting a haircut or ordering an ice cream can increase anxiety due to communication. Poor communication can change outcomes, how things are perceived and how they are used.

When building a design system we have to name a lot of things. Sometimes the names we give should be functional and understandable and other times there are opportunities to be creative and create a culture.

Hard work to make it simple

I launched the Australian Government Design System with Trevor Brennan at Australia's first ever Design System Meetup.

We talked about how we break down barriers between developers and designers by providing a common language for typography and spacing alignment. I also quickly explain our colour contrast system, built to help design meet AA contrast.

All of this at a scale suitable for a nation.